Anna Zachow is a follower of The Ultimate Lifegiver, Jesus. She lives with her husband and two young sons in Northern Minnesota, where casseroles are  “hotdishes” and the temperature rarely gets above 75*F more than a couple weeks out of the year.

Anna is passionate about people, specifically women and young moms. Though an introvert by nature, she loves nothing more than being allowed into the inner thoughts and feelings of those around her. To sit with a good cup of coffee and have the privilege of listening to another unburden their heart, to walk along side others and to be a part of their journey makes her feel alive.

From the time she was young, Anna dreamed of having a family and caring for others. Even so, motherhood has not always been easy for her, but her Lifegiving God has been faithful. Through books, example and words from people around her, He is slowly shaping and inspiring in her a passion for all the beauty and potential that motherhood was made to be; A reflection of the shepherd heart of God. Nurturing, lifegiving and sacrificial love.

Being a big picture, goal oriented, idealist, she has many ideas though few come to fruition and she is learning to be okay with that while challenging herself to grow in the area of consistency and follow through.

Anna’s favorite things are celebrating, anything and everything, journaling, writing inspirational articles, dialoguing about new ideas and concepts, learning, the great outdoors that breathe life back into the weary soul, a good cup of coffee or three, especially if accompanied by a long heart to heart, being mom to two vivacious little boys who constantly challenge and teach her about life, adventure and love and learning more about the beauty and wonder of our Creator, God.

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